Volunteer Research Project

In a companion project also funded by the National Heritage Lottery Fund, the historian and author, Dr Rachel Pistol, escorted a team of research volunteers to the National Archives at Kew to explore the recently declassified archive holdings on Trent Park’s wartime intelligence programme. The information our volunteer team gleaned from the many hours spent poring over sheafs of typed and annotated files, has provided some brilliant insights into the complex running of Trent Park at this time, and the many interesting characters incarcerated there. With Dr Pistol’s help, the volunteer team were also able to pick up useful skills when it comes to the handling, reading and researching of fragile archive collections. 

"Volunteering for the Trent Park Oral History project has not only been great fun but also provided me with really comprehensive training on how to gather, edit and use oral histories. The outcomes of the project will provide unique insight into why Trent Park is a place of such national importance through the memories and voices of the people who worked, lived and studied there. Individually, these people's stories may not seem significant, but collectively they demonstrate how much impact Trent Park has had over the years, on many people, in Enfield and beyond."