Oral Histories Project

In February 2023 Trent Park Museum Trust launched an oral history project, funded by the National Heritage Lottery Fund. The aim of the project was to capture the rich history of the house through the collection of stories and memories from those with personal connections to Trent Park. We also heard from those in the local community with their own experience of migration, conflict and resettlement, just as many of Trent Park’s secret listeners fleeing war and persecution were compelled to find new lives in this country. Under the expert guidance of Oral History specialist Rib Davis, dozens of personal stories have been captured through video interviews, audio recordings and transcripts. These form an online archive resource that preserves the stories of Trent Park and the memories of those who knew it. Many voices from the oral history project will feature in the physical museum displays, currently in development.

Listen Now

  • Meeting Kendrick

    Told by Robin Lustig

    Journalist and broadcaster Robin Lustig, on his father Fritz Lustig’s recollection of meeting Kendrick for the first time.

  • What My Father Discovered

    Told by John Francken

    John Francken on what his father, secret listener Hans Francken, discovered from eavesdropping on the conversations of German Prisoners of War held at Trent Park.

  • Internment to Secret Listener

    Told by Adam Ganz

    Adam Ganz discusses his father, Peter Ganz’s recruitment into intelligence operations at Trent Park from the Pioneer Corps, alongside Fritz Lustig.

  • Guarding Prisoners of War

    Told by Nick Gardner

    Nick Gardner describes his grandfather’s memories of being stationed at Trent Park during the war.

  • My Special Connection to Trent Park

    Told by Saira Holmes

    Saira Holmes shares her special connection to Trent Park, during the Middlesex University years.

  • I Didn't Know the History of Trent Park

    Told by Di Medlicott

    Di Medlicott, who taught at Trent Park for a time, recalls visting with her children in the 1980s.