These resources have been designed with the help of teachers for use in the classroom, and are most suitable for KS2 and KS3. Start with the “Top Secret Briefing” for an introduction to the Secret Listeners, and continue with the “Secret Listener Resource Pack”, “Suggested Activities” or “The Holocaust” for a standalone study of Trent Park House of Secrets with your students or a more in-depth follow up to your Secret Listeners workshop.

KS2 Resources

  • Top Secret Briefing

    A 6-page guide for background on the Secret Listeners and explanation of key words.

  • Secret Listeners Resource Pack

    An 18-page illustrated pack to explore the life of one of the Secret Listeners, Ernst Lederer, how he came to be at Trent Park and what he may have been doing there.

  • Suggested Activities

    A 9-page pack for details of short activities linked to the following curriculum areas: The Second World War, The Holocaust, Local history case study, Refugees and migration, Primary/secondary sources and Debate.


KS3 Resources