New Website and Branding


The new website platform has been devised by design consultancy Winteractive using striking digital artwork by award-winning illustrator and artist Owen Freeman to capture the spirit of wartime espionage in film-noir style. Hand in hand with our new digital platform we also present a new visual identity to take Trent Park House into the final months towards opening to the public.

The new logo has been developed with expert guidance from leading brand consultancy Johnson Banks, using a Sassoon-era decorative motif lifted directly from the walls of the mansion, but redrawn in barbed wire to reflect the world of Trent Park during the war. The logo is perfectly complemented by a new colour scheme that hints at the sophistication of Sassoon’s country house of the 1920s and 1930s when he played host to politicians, royalty and the Hollywood elite.

We cannot wait to invite you to step into the sumptuously recreated interiors of Trent Park House when we open next Spring.